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January 2020


A study of thousands of tumors has been able to detect internal patterns which are signs of types of cancer – Science Daily

We were able to perform a forensic analysis of over 12,000 NHS cancer genomes thanks to the generous contribution of samples from patients and clinicians throughout England. We have also created FitMS, a computer-based tool to help scientists and clinicians identify old and new mutational signatures in cancer patients, to potentially inform cancer management more effectively."

Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said: "This study shows how powerful whole genome sequencing tests can be in giving clues into how the cancer may have developed..."


How A Book is MadeNY Times

While digital media completely upended industries like music, movies and newspapers, most publishers and authors still make the bulk of their money from selling bound stacks of paper.

Here, we will show you how vats of ink and 800-pound rolls of paper become a printed book.

Outside the Vienna Virginia Dairy Queen July 2022

"It's Almost Impossible to Overstate How Good For You Sleep Is" – Article at GQ Magazine

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Winnie the Pooh goes into Public DomainBristol Post

400K sound recordings enter public domainQA

22 Notable Public Domain items for 2022 KSL

Public Domain superheroes banding together "YouTuber Proposes Public Domain Superhero Cinematic Universe"comicbook

Public Domain Day in AustraliaNational Library of Australia

Related: "For more than two years, we’ve been fighting to free the Aboriginal flag from the restrictions of copyright. Last night it was announced the iconic flag – which has become a symbol of Aboriginal Australia since it was first flown at a land rights rally in 1971 – has finally been freed..."Broadsheet

Magazine rack and Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos magazine rack 2020

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