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December 2021


A Stanford Professor is studying the brains of folks who claim encounters with UFOs

His robust resume—300 research articles, 40 US patents, founding of eight biotech companies, and honored as one of Stanford’s top 25 inventors—makes him, easily, one of the most accomplished scientists publicly studying UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon]...

...For a couple of these individuals we had MRIs from prior years. They had it before they had these incidents. It was pretty obvious, then, that this was something that people were born with. It's a goal sub-goal setting planning device, it's called the brain within the brain. It's an extraordinary thing. This area of the brain is involved (partly) in what we call intuition. For instance, Japanese chess players were measured as they made what would be construed as a brilliant decision that is not obvious for anybody to have made that kind of leap of intuition, this area of the brain lights up. We had found people who had this in spades. These are all so called high-functioning people. They're pilots who are making split second decisions, intelligence officers in the field, etc.

December 10, 2021: Story at Vice


The intricacies of the global supply chain

A jar of Nutella sums up all the intricacies of global supply chains along with the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the international community today perhaps more than ever. Hazelnuts from Turkey, palm oil from Australia or India, cocoa from Africa, sugar from Brazil or Europe and vanilla aroma from France are integrated in a package of the famous hazelnut praline.

Article at powergame [in Greek - use Google Translate to change to English]


Sorting out the origin of the mysterious Etruscans

The question of where the Etruscans came from has been a perennial question in the study of ancient history.

Story at Live Science

Public Domain / Copyright

The expiring copyright on Mickey Mouse & the looming activities of eager artists

The copyright for Walt Disney’s 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie — which introduced the world to Mickey Mouse — is set to expire and enter the public domain in three years. The rights will include the character Mickey Mouse as he appeared in the film. But in 1988, in an effort to avoid this very same issue, Disney successfully lobbied Congress to lengthen the number of years that copyrights can be held. The law is called the Copyright Term Extension Act but has also also been dubbed “the Mickey Mouse Protection Act.”

Hollywood Reporter

Seven Corners
Public Domain / Copyright

Fifty songs in public domain status

"After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It" by Irving Berlin

“It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary” by Jack Judge, Harry H. Williams

"Entry of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik

"Charleston" by Cecil Mack, Jimmy Johnson

Story at UK Telegraph

Wall of police cars in Washington DC

Art theft movie dramatizations

A list at Tovima (use Google Translate to convert to English if needed)


"Invisible sculpture" by Italian artist Salvatore Garau sells for $18K

It is literally invisible. Story at Protothema

Medical Health

Effects of extra virgin olive oil on cognitive decline / Alzheimers

Data indicates olive oil has a positive effect – Greek City Times


"First genetic evidence from medieval plague victims suggests Black Death reached Southern Italy"

July 9, 2021Medical Express

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