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Medical Health

What neuroscientists learned from mice on rejuvenating an aging brain

Story at Protothema

According to Wyss-Coray, quoted in Stanford University’s School of Medicine newsletter, Scope, “when we treated old mice with repeated intravenous infusions of young plasma (the liquid fraction of blood), these mice became smarter, performing more like young mice on multiple cognitive tests. Conversely, young mice exposed to aged blood or treated with aged plasma experienced accelerated aging of the brain and a loss of cognitive function.”

Mouse Brain


$1000 artist contest for book covers in Ann Arbor - contest for Michigan artists – Click on Detroit


Rice fields in JAPAN turned into large scale rendition of the Mona Lisa

Story at Skai [Original in Greek, read in English translation]


The artifice of celebrity intimacy

The classic legend of the paparazzi has changed considerably: celebrities need them, book photo dates with them, take them along on their photogenic vacations for "spontaneously" staged images.

From Greek newspaper [Greek] and in translation to English via Google

Public Domain / Copyright

Public Domain derived works and being careful of copyright infringement

Article at highlights where public domain seems to begin, and copyright ends; and, how a derivative work from a public domain property has a number of areas of legal danger.

... there may still be protection in ... subsequent derivative works, but only for the incremental additions of originality contributed by the authors of the derivative works. The court set forth certain examples of aspects that may still be protectable.

The article describes how a case involving the usage of Wizard of Oz characters fell into three areas, one of which is public domain, and the other two incurred infringement. The example given is Wizard of Oz characters being put upon t-shirts being within the public domain, but a three-dimensional image (the example is a snow globe) did incur infringement because it was derivative not of the original two-dimensional images (which are in public domain) but from the later 1939 film which depicts the characters in three-dimensions.

Another example given of infringement in the Wizard of Oz case was the creation of new works juxtaposing images which invoked the aspects of the characters from later (and still under copyright) depictions:

“Products combining extracts from the public domain materials in a new arrangement infringe the copyright.” The court reasoned that even if each new composite work was composed solely of works in the public domain, the arrangement and expression evoked the movie character in a way that the individual public domain item did not."

The article emphasizes that in looking at what is and isn't still copyrighted when a property has earlier renditions falling into public domain but later versions are still protected, a "bright line test" can be deceiving, especially if the material in question involve transforming earlier works from two-dimensions to three-dimensions.

Obviously, seeking proper legal advise from a professional is the best course.

More at the Public Domain source list page

Discovery of a 16th century book with text in ancient Greek with illustration by Albrecht Durer – news item at Greek language online new Naftemporiki

The 16.5 x 6 cm painting depicts two cherubs above imaginary sea creatures. The tongues of these beings intertwine to form an elaborate coat of arms; the coat of arms of the famous academic from Nuremberg - and acquaintance of Albrecht Dürer - Willibald Pirckheimer.

Public Domain / Copyright

Mickey Mouse copyright approaching the end: "Disney could lose the exclusive rights to Mickey Mouse within two years"UK Daily Mail

When he first appeared in 1928, Disney's copyright was protected for 56 years but as the beloved cartoon character approached the end of its copyright, Disney successfully lobbied for the Copyright Act of 1976 which extended protections to 75 years. And then in 1998, Disney lobbied for a further extension, giving it protection for 95 years.

It is unclear whether the entertainment giant plans to make another move before 2023 to prevent Mickey from being moved into the public domain. has reached out for comment.


Man attacks painting of Mona Lisa with a cake

Story at Chicago Tribune

"...Videos posted on social media showed a young man in a wig and lipstick who had arrived in a wheelchair. The man, whose identity was unknown, was also seen throwing roses in the museum gallery to slack-jawed guests. The cake attack left a conspicuous white creamy smear on the glass but the famous work by Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t damaged."

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